Monday, October 10, 2011

First Fish Caught at Hasseman House Pond!

Wow, do bluegill grow fast! We just had our new pond stocked a few months ago, so I had not planned on doing any fishing until next year. Well, last night a couple came, Judy & Charles. Judy had seen on our website that we have a new pond, so she came prepared. Fishing pole and gear, along with meal worms for bait :) So we went out and within minutes she caught the first fish to be caught in our pond. Above is a picture of her bluegill. So, it's official, we now have fishing available to our guests here at the Hasseman House. Of course we threw back the fish and we will have a catch and release policy so that we do not over-fish the pond.
I decided to get into the action and grabbed my pole. I was catching small large-mouth bass right away on my Rooster Tail spinner!
We had a great time and even Joy & Faith got their poles out and caught some. Judy plans on fishing again during her three night stay with us.

We are also so excited about all that has been going on at the Hasseman House Property. This year an active Amish Farm, Wholesome Valley Farms, started up. It has been great having fresh chemical free produce available right next door. They also sell a whole line of natural foods, like Maple Syrup, local honey, and fresh ground grains. Many of our guests stop in and have really been impressed!

Last week they had the first Family Fun day which was a big success. Local vendors were making goat soap, baskets, apple butter, and other fun items. The all natural fresh potato chips cooked on the spot in a fire heated kettle were awesome. The stew and chili, also cooked on an open fire were also extremely tasty. The children also enjoyed pony rides and a jump house. We are looking forward to next year's Family Fun Day.
October is in full swing here and we are keeping busy. The leaves are turning and the weather this past week has been beautiful.

We are so thankful to God, who gives such blessings!

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