Thursday, December 6, 2012

WWII Veteran With an Amazing Testimony!

We were super blessed this past weekend to have Don & Terry Locke with their friend Merri stay with us for a few days here at the Hasseman House B&B!

Don, who is 92, is a WWII veteran with an amazing story. He was a fighter pilot
and flew the famous Mustang P-51.

My (Jason) Grandfathers were in WWII: on my Father's side a tank commander and on my Mother
side 5th Army anti aircraft. Jenny's Grandfather was also a paratrooper. So, meeting Don was a real treat!

When Don was 10 years old he overheard his father and "uncle Charlie" talking about Bible prophecy concerning the future nation of Israel. This, before the Holocaust and world war, was at present only a dream, but Don's father looking at what the Bible has to say about Israel becoming a nation again, said to his brother:   "The day that we see Israel become a nation again you can be sure the Lord's return is near"

Although growing up in a Christian home, Don never did choose to place his personal faith in Jesus Christ as His Savior.

During the war he saw much death and the effects of evil. He landed in Iwo Jima, Japan on March 6 1945, only months before the atomic bomb would be dropped on Hiroshima.

After the war he led a wayward life and admits that he didn't have much purpose.

When he was 29, on May 15 1948, he heard over the radio the amazing news the day after Israel was voted to be a nation.

He said that when he heard this "chills went up my spine" and from this point on he began to believe that God's Word is true. About a year later he received Christ and had a radical transformation take place in his life.

Don, has an amazing joy and exuberance that really touched our hearts. He sang a song with Joy & Faith and you can see the joy in his face :)

We are truly blessed as Innkeepers to come across wonderful people like this!!