Friday, July 13, 2012

Car Breakdown - God's Faithfulness

Back in May we went on our anniversary trip celebrating 15 years! Our girls had been picked up the day before by Grandma & Grandpa and we had just gotten on the highway and had been driving for about a half hour when I started to notice that the temperature gauge was fluctuating up and down very quickly. My first thought was, "Does it normally do this?" No! So I stopped the car along the highway and looked under the hood. There was radiator fluid spewing all over the engine with steam everywhere!!
Well, we don't have a cell phone because running a B&B means when you go away you want a break from the phone :) So, for about half and hour we tried signalling to cars (had the hood up and white rag hanging out the window) and no one stopped. Some waved but I think they all thought we had a cell phone.
I got a chair out for Jenny and thought to write a sign saying "No Phone" with a picture of a phone on it. We prayed it would work.
Right away a truck pulled off in front of us. It was far away but as I got closer I noticed the word on the back: FAITH. Wow, it turns out that Glenn and Reed were both Baptist preachers and Reed runs a mission in Jamaica called Faith mission. They offered us their phone and said they would not leave us until AAA arrived. While we were waiting I shared about my music and the wanted to see my dulcimer.

My dulcimer was given to me by a guest a few years ago, Rick Meyers, who lives in North Carolina. (See earlier blog). It turns out that Glenn and Reed, who are from South Carolina, live near the border and know Rick. Amazing!
Our AAA tower was kind and also a Christian. He called a mechanic, Jim Reed, in Cambridge, who was able to get us in immediately. It turns out he is a fellow believer and he shared how he had been booked solid for the week and would not have been able to get us in but someone cancelled right before the AAA guy called. Coincidence? I think not.
Within two hours we were fixed up and on our way.
We had a great trip and were reminded of God's faithfulness and His care over every detail of our life.
A week after we got back Jim Reed called and booked a night for his anniversary and stayed with us. Below is there picture.

Another story of God's faithfulness during a breakdown happened a few years ago. We were on our way to a Dr's appointment and had just passed Lehman's Hardware in Kidron. All of a sudden the car had no power and we were just able to get it into Lehman's drive.
We had the girls with us, so we knew we would need someone to be able to take Jenny and them home as AAA only will allow two people in the tow truck.
We prayed again and went into Lehman's. I asked to use the phone as the cashier's station.
While on the phone with AAA a couple walked in the door that I recognized.
It turns out they were the only guests staying with us over the past few nights. He came up to me and asked what was going on. They were about to head to Sugar Creek so they could take Jenny and the girls and drop them off on the way. Again, amazing! What were the odds of that happening?
They could have been anywhere in Amish country or even in Lehman's and not run into us. But at the exact time that I am on the phone with AAA they walk in the door.

These experience serve as a reminder of the faithful God Who has revealed Himself in the Bible through His Son Jesus Christ. He truly is concerned about all the little details of our lives. Jesus said that not even a single sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing it (Matt 10:29). These are comforting thoughts :)