Friday, July 30, 2010

Thankful For My Country Bike

For the past week and a half our car has been in the shop as we mentioned our breakdown and God's provision in our last post. I am so thankful for my bike, as it has been my way of transportation and hauling cargo. The Amish in our area ride bikes alot. There are many Amish owned bike shops and there is one right over the hill from the Hasseman House. You'll notice on the picture my bright orange milk cart attached on the back. I bought this from my Amish neighbor's bike shop. This is what they do to carry groceries. etc. It works really well. Just the other day I carried 4 gallons of milk plus books and produce home from Winesburg.

I also worked out a pannier set from some luggage duffel bags that works really well and I can carry alot of laundry and supplies for the Bed and Breakfast. Still, I will be glad to get the car back. But it's good to know I can get by with my bike if I need to. Plus it's good exercise :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Piano Music at Amish Door Restaurant

I like to let our guests know that I play piano twice a month at the Amish Door Restaurant I play the 2nd and 4th Saturday every month from about 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Amish Door has an 8 0z. sirloin special on the 2nd Saturday and a 10 oz. prime rib special on the 4th Saturday. So you are sure to get good food while I trust you listen to good music :) I really enjoy doing this and play a lot of my own arrangements. I have arranged many of the older Christian hymns into my own style. I also play classical, some jazz (Charlie Brown!), waltzes, show tunes, and many other well known songs. The piano is positioned in the front of the restaurant so ask for a seat that is close enough to hear.

I am always getting requests for a CD, so this is a project that I plan to undertake in the near future. Also requested, I like to play for our guests here at the Hasseman House Bed and Breakfast

I wanted to share a testimony of God's faithfulness this past week. On Tuesday all four of us were heading to a Dr. appointment, when in Kidron the car broke down. We were just able to get into the Lehman's Hardware parking lot. Since AAA only takes one person, we prayed that God would provide a way to get the girls home. Amazingly, when I was on the phone at Lehman's calling AAA, our only guests staying with us walk up to us and ask us what is going on. We told them about the car situation and it turns out they were on there way to Sugarcreek which means that our home at the B&B is on the way. What are the odds? They could have been anywhere in Amish Country. They could even have been at Lehman's - but it is such a big store they could have missed us. But they come right to where we are. God is good!!! Our guests were also encouraged to see God moving them in answer to our prayer and need. Be encouraged that when bad things happen, God is still working.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trumpet in the Land

A few weeks ago we were blessed to be able to go to the Schoenbrunn Outdoor Amphitheatre in New Philadelphia, Ohio and see the famous play Trumpet in the Land.

One of the neat things about being Innkeepers is that you occasionally get to go to something for free if you are willing to tell others about your experience. Going to this play was one of those times. We are very glad we went and it would have been worth it to pay even if we didn't get a free viewing.

It is based on the true story that happened concerning the massacre at Gnadenhutten. At Gnadenhutten there was a Christian mission. David Ziesberger, the leader of the group, is faced with the great tensions between the Indians, Americans & Britains during the Revolutionary War. Being outside is really a unique experience while watching the play. It was very well done and there was a lot of realistic effects with fire and the shooting of guns.

It really helped us to grasp the situation and drew us in to the plot. The call to live out the commands of Jesus to love and pray for enemies is shown to be very challenging in times of war, but it really comes through authentically. We would definitely recommend it to our guests staying with us and we hope to go back for future plays - possibly the Fiddler on the Roof- sometime.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flowers Blooming at the Hasseman House

Here at the Hasseman House Bed and breakfast we are blessed with some beautiful flowers that are planted and tended every year by our Amish "Flower Ladies" They do a great job. I uploaded a picture of our hydrangeas and they are really pretty this year.

We have flowers all around the house and they stay watered by our 12 zone sprinkler system.

Also right now the country side is full of wild flowers and is fun to walk in :)