Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Guests/Friends Staying At Hasseman House

One of the biggest blessings of being Innkeepers is the wonderful people we meet coming into our home on a daily basis. Many come as guests but leave as friends! I wanted to highlight some of the super guests/friends we've had in the past weeks.

We were really glad to have Tina Miley and here family stay with us for four days about 3 weeks ago. They were all the way from Louisiana and biked the whole way. It was a wonderful time of Christian fellowship and left us with a lot of joy about innkeeping :)

Then we had Sam & Jill stay with us. They are international missionaries who have been back in the States for the past year. We spent hours of encouraging and challenging conversation that left us uplifted in the Lord.

Daniel & Sara Adkins had stayed with us earlier this year and then returned with a whole house of family. Daniel and his two brothers, and parents stayed with us a night. It was a great time for Joy and Faith as they had a lot of fun playing with two of the Adkin girls who are about the same age.

Kevin & Alison Lee along with their daughter Lydia stayed with us earlier this year. Lydia had seen our porch kittie, Sweetie, in the window and urged her Mom & Dad to stay:) The girls became fast friends and they returned for two days this past week. We really have enjoyed building a friendship with them. They are also a fellow homeschooling family so we have a lot in common.