Friday, March 21, 2014

Record Anniversary at the Hasseman House! 66 Years!!!

Glenn and Ruth from the Dayton area honored us by choosing to spend their 66 year anniversary with us on March 20th, the first day of Spring. Yes, that's right!  66 Years! In the ten years we have been Innkeepers this is certainly a record.

Congratulations to the wonderful couple and blessings for years to come! They are blessed with two daughters and many grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Glenn, 91 years old, is also a WWII veteran. God has blessed them in so many ways throughout their marriage. Ruth shared how she feels  their marriage has been nearly perfect in so many ways.

What an example they set to the younger generations! Our growing daughters, Joy and Faith, are flanking them in the picture. Jenny and I will be celebrating 17 years this May and if God gives us the health, we hope someday we will also hit the milestone that Glenn and Ruth have. :)