Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living Hasseman House History

We were blessed this year to have a stop in from Mark Hasseman. Mark is from Colorado and is the son of Doyle Hasseman, one of the three children of William and Olgerita "Olgie" Hasseman. The other son's name was Thereon and their sister was Rhea. All three Hasseman children have passed on.

In the above picture Mark Hasseman stands in front of a picture of his grandparents

Mark was thrilled to take a slow reminiscing tour of the house and we could tell it sparked a lot of fond memories. He talked about the great times he had visiting his grandparents when he was young. He was so exited to see how the house has been restored and is serving guests from around the world with a wonderful stay in Amish Country.

The Hasseman House was built in 1900 by the French Serquet (Sirkay) brothers from France and was at that time the largest house in Holmes County. Both the Serquet's and the Hassemans, who bought the house in 1919, were dairy farmers on the 300 acres of lush land.

There is so much history in this house and it was great to meet a living part of it in Mark Hasseman.
If walls could talk..................................................

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsche?

This past day I had the opportunity to practice and remember some of the German that I studied in high school. The Schilde family from Hamburg, Germany were a delight to have as guests. 

Last night we had the opportunity to play a German game with them called Kaker-Laken Salat, meaning, "Cockroach Salad". A simple game, it was a lot of fun. And they even gave it to us which was a real blessing.

The Schilde family has been living in the States for about 6 years in the Chicago area for work. Their son Jacob wanted to visit Amish Country so here they came :) Next on the itinerary is to visit other parts of the country including Washington D.C.

We always enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world, one of the highlights of Innkeeping. We hope to see the Schilde family and others like them again.

Until then: "Auf Wiedersehen!!!"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wonderful Guests Come to Pray at Hasseman House

We were super blessed last week to have a group of 4 couples stay with us for a few nights. They rented all four rooms and really blessed us.

They are a group of friends who about 3 years ago started meeting together weekly to pray for their church, which was at that time having problems. God intervened and moved in mighty ways to work in the situation, and through it they became close friends and decided to continue meeting regularly for prayer, praise and fellowship.

We are so glad to picked us to stay with for a prayer retreat. On the first night we heard a beautiful sound as they were in the parlor with a guitar singing hymns. We felt led to join them and were welcomed into the time of singing and prayer. It was very touching.

As you can see from the picture below, Joy & Faith really enjoyed the visit too. They spent some time playing games with the group and also Pam, one of the ladies, taught the girls how to sew a special project for them to keep :)

This was our first group of 2013 and we really felt that it was a great way to start the year! Looking forward to seeing them all again in the future!!